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Hi Gayle,

All good the bag just turned up and it's awesome.I will be taking the brochure to work as I think a few of them will buy one.

The bags supplied are rubbish compared to this one.


Mick Barlow

Hi Gayle

I got the bag last week in excellent delivery time and is exactly what I wanted. I need to buy another bag in a few weeks so u will get my next order soon. I really appreciate the excellent communication I have received throughout the order process from you.  I will be recommending paksac to anyone who is ever looking for canvas tool bags.

Thanks again


Excellent. thank you Gayle - super service and will keep in contact with the website. Please feel free to send me an email when you have them ready



John Ahern

Hi Gayle,

The bags are perfect, exactly what we were looking for. I have the brochure on file here so we will remember you again should we need anything similar!

Thanks again.


Deirdre Allen


Bag is awesome, i use it all the time, not just for work but fishing and camping also, thanks for the great product

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